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The North Wembley church has a reputation for their inspiring praise and worship sessions on Sabbath morning. However the bright and sunny morning of Sabbath 22 May was different as more than 70 visitors from Norway were welcomed to the church.

The visitors were members of the Stavanger Gospel Company Choir and their rousing singing brought the North Wembley’s congregation spontaneously to their feet for what can only be described as a once in a lifetime special.

Resident minister Pastor Steve Thomas did eventually manage to give us the Lord’s message through his sermon, which also included the dedication of baby Davina Gordan on her first birthday.

Turen til Kamerun 15 – 25 februar 2008

Her er en del artikler om turen til Kamerun.

stavanger aftenblad 18.02

stavanger aftenblad 25.02




Odd Arne Berge ble intervjuet over telefon av NrK lokalen om Kamerunturen.  Dette skjedde da vi var i full gang med vår safari til nasjonalparken Buffle Noair.

Hør intervjuet her (gå ca 20 minutter ut i sendingen)



Stavanger Gospel Company just came back from London. We had an amazing tour with great experiences both when it comes to musical performance, spiritual matters and social fellowship. 30 singers and 4 musicians travelled together with their kids, wives, husbands and parents. Our tour manager – Nik Pears/Dependant records – had done a marvelous job preparing the tour. Everything was organized in a perfect way both when it comes to logistics and performances/bookings. We are really grateful for the work he has done.{mosimage}

We did eight performances during our three days in London. We performed in churches such as Kensington Temple, Micah Church, Town Church (Seven Oaks) and Willesden SDA Church. The churches was packed everywhere and the response was overwhelming. We saw numbers of responses to the gospel during the weekend and people was touched from above through the ministering, the songs, the stories and the music. It was just amazing.

We also did a live recording at Premier Radio. It will be broadcasted at April the 9th.

We are really blessed by the experiences we had during the London tour. We had a really good time and got in contact with lots of wonderful persons. We thank them all for encouraging us and really hope to see lots of them again soon. God is good.


Stavanger Gospel Company’s CD – It’s Amazing – is being released by Integrity Records/Dependant in the UK in the middle of April 2010. We are very happy to work with such great partners in the UK, and things are already looking good. During the pre-release in the Easter weekend we were totally sold out in the UK. All 300 CDs were gone in two days in addition to DVDs and Songbooks.  We are really exited about this and look forward to the official release. CDs will be available in most christian book stores and other places. or for more information in the middle of April.



During 6 days in March 2010 (March the 10th-15th) Stavanger Gospel Company got the privilege of hosting the award winning gospel artist Donnie McClurkin, Light of Love, Cinque Cullar and 30 American top level gospel musicians, background vocals, technicians, providers and coordinators. They were all invited to join Stavanger Gospel Company (SGC) in the first THIS IS GOSPEL-festival ever.


A close relationship were built between Donnie McCLurkin, his American travelers and the people in/around Stavanger Gospel Company. We all shared some amazing days together both on and off stage. SGC is really amazed of the humbleness and greatness of our American friends. We got to know great artists and musicians, but most of all wonderful friends and spiritual brothers & sisters. We really love them all.


The Americans arrived at Sola airport March the 10th and 11th. We socialized, did a lot of organizing together and numbers of press conferences. Donnie McClurkin and Anita Holmes (Light of Love) did lots of interviews with newspapers, radio stations, TV stations and magazines together with Aril Schøld (director Stavanger Gospel Company).
Friday the 12th of March was the day of THIS IS GOSPEL – WORKSHOP. 450 singers and musicians from all around Norway (even some Swedish guys…) had an amazing experience this evening. Cincue Cullar and Donnie McClurkin just gave the participants everything during the 6 hour rehearsal with the singers. Calvin Rodgers and his band gave the  local musicians a once in a lifetime workshop. At the end of the day everyone came together and had a wonderful mixture of rehearsal/performance, social fellowship and spiritual upbuilding time together. It was life changing. Donnie McClurkin talked about his life from past to present. People in the audience asked him all kinds of questions. He answered everyone. He even performed «Happy birthday to you» to a young girl who had her birthday that day.


Saturday the 13th of March was the day of THIS IS GOSPEL – CONCERT. The line up was great: Donnie McClurkin with American musicians and background vocals, Light of Love (Chicago), Cinque Cullar (Chicago) and Stavanger Gospel Company. It was an amazing concert. The venue was close to packed (approximately 1300 in the audience). Light of Love did a live recording including the Workshop Choir. Donnie McClurkin finished the evening with a one hour concert. People were dancing all over the venue. The crowd switched between tears, laughter and dancing. Amazing!


Sunday the 14th was the day og THIS IS GOSPEL – CHURCH. We really wanted to let the Norwegian people experience an authentic african american black church-experience. Stavanger Gospel Company, Light of Love, Cinque Cullar, Norwegian and American musicians/singers did the praise & worship together. Pastor Donnie McClurkin preached the Holy gospel. He talked about caring for each other, getting out on the streets… Everybody (approximately 1000 visitors) was blessed, but also challenged. Donnie McClurkin sang us out with a once in a lifetime-version of Hail Jesus. I kept on going and going. People were dancing all over the place. We had a wonderful meal at the end of the day at Renaa restaurant (

Monday the 15th we brought our American brothers & sisters to the airport. They all had a safe trip back to the US.

Looking back at these wonderful days, our heart gets filled with gratefulness:


to Donnie McClurkin and the rest of our American friends for giving everything and for being so humble and wonderful to both the Stavanger Gospel Company and the rest of the Norwegian people.
special thanks to Anita Homes (Light of Love) and Taylorr Taylor for helping us organize it.
to our wonderful partners; SR-Bank, Myhregaarden hotel and Bavaria for making this possible.
to everyone who took part of THIS IS GOSPEL 2010. Thanks! We’ll see you all again!
but most of all to the Lord for making it possible. We believe that THIS IS GOSPEL is a part of His plans for the future.

Stay tuned for the next THIS IS GOSPEL happening. Don’t miss it!


Best Gospel Performance

Selveste hovedattraksjonen på årets THIS IS GOSPEL, Donnie McClurkin 
kan fra nylig vise frem ikke mindre enn 3 Grammy priser i hyllen sin.


Artisten dro nemlig 31. januar 2010 Grammy Awards i land prisen for «Best Gospel Performance 2009»
for låten «Wait on the Lord» , en duett med Karen Clarke Sheard.


McClurkin har tidligere år vunnet priser for
«Best Soul Contemporary Gospel Album»(2004)
og «Best Traditional Gospel Album» (2006).


Det er virkelig en av verdens største gospelartister som kommer til Stavanger 12.-14. mars sammen med ca. 30 amerikanske musikere, sangere og følge.


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