Totland & Styve with sadface

Here’s a picture we received from our dear friends Heine Totland and Gisle Børge Styve. They want to tell us that they miss the Stavanger Gospel Company. And we must say we are missing them too. Last week SGC had lots of fun with them. Great people, great musicians, big hearts! Thank you for 6 amazing concerts together! We really recommend the Christmas album Totland/Styve has done with the Salvation Army this year. It’s packed with amazing perfomances by great Norwegians artists’ from the last ten years, together with new songs recorded by Totland/Styve in Kenya. Check it out on record stores or your local Coop grocery store. All income from the record will go to the Salvation Army.

Joy to all the people!

Stavanger Gospel Company are looking back at two amazing evenings in Frøyland og Orstad kirke and St. Petri kirke, together with the entertaining and gifted duo Heine Totland & Gisle Børge Styve and their companion Per Willy Aaserud (trumpet). With a focus on joy, which is the profound message of Christmas, theese evenings were filled with laughter, great music and the important reminder about caring for others. Our hearts are filled with joy and gratitude.

We are so grateful to SR-Bank for making theese concerts possible, and to all our partners for contributing to the activity in SGC throughout the year. We are humbled and honoured by the audience for filling every seat both evenings, and grateful for all the musicians contributing, excellent sound/light engineers, hosting and hospitality at the venues and every single person contributing in their own special way.

Early in the 1900s a one word Christmas telegram was sent by the founder of the Salvation Army William Booth. The word was OTHERS. A new song with the same title is this years single on the annual Christmas album from the Salvation Army. Read more about it here.

Press Read more to enjoy some beatiful pictures taken by Fotograf Kallen, thank you!

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Totland/Styve & Stavanger Gospel Company on NRK Rogaland

NRK Rogaland paid a visit in St. Petri kirke during the preparations for our concert November 30. Heine Totland and Gisle Børge Styve talks about their collaboration with the Salvation Army and their trip to Kenya, anda taste of the Christmas-single «Others» are performed unplugged by Totland/Styve and SGC.

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