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Summer concert

SGCompanys sommerkonsert - 16. juni

Welcome to our summer concert! Our tradition of taking an album we love and playing it in its entirety has become a fantastic fun project to do! This year, another album is up and it’s “It’s Amazing”, our first album from 2009. We constantly get questions about performing these songs, both from the audience and […]

SGCompany Easter booklet

SGCompanys Påskehefte 2024

BRAND NEW Easter booklet! We’re once again thrilled to present our exclusive Easter booklet! This year, we’ve partnered with none other than the “Farmenprest” Thor Haavik!

Gospel Church – featuring Lewi Bergrud

Lewi Bergrud and GospelChurch share a unique trait—they both attract individuals who rarely attend traditional church services. Yet, they extend warm invitations to enjoy the soulful experience of gospel and hymn singing. How awesome is that?

Gospel Church

Hurray! Finally, a new Gospel Church with Samuel Ljungblahd! Scandinavia’s great Gospel son and our dear friend We’re bringing in a brass section that can match Samuel’s energy! Are you ready?! Free admission. Welcome to GOSPEL CHURCH!

Stavanger gospel company