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Easter Church 2022

SGCompany invites you to EASTER CHURCH – a celebration of the Easter message!

To ensure that nobody has to turn away at the door, we have implemented a free ticket system. Anyone who wants to secure a spot can collect a ticket. Note: Be present at least fifteen minutes before it begins. Otherwise, we will admit those who arrive at the door. Per Arne Dahl will share the Easter Gospel alongside SGCompany and several of the region’s finest choirs and soloists. Over the past 20 years, Christmas and its message have been prominently featured in Norwegian churches and concert halls, while the Easter message receives very little attention in the same places. SGCompany now aims to contribute to shifting the focus not only to what happened in Bethlehem but also to what happened in Jerusalem. We are joined by several regional choirs and soloists who, together and individually, sing songs related to Easter. There will also be communal singing.

Per Arne Dahl will lead a “mini Easter pilgrimage” in four segments linked to Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. Between these segments, songs related to the themes will be sung, and we will celebrate communion together.


01.04 kl 19.30, TAU NYE KIRKE:


03.04 kl 16.00, ST. PETRI KIRKE, STAVANGER:


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