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The black & white project

Stavanger Gospel Company is now putting the finishing touches on its new CD. In August 2007, an exciting cooperation began between SGC and Light of Love, a gospel group from Chicago. Light of Love consists of five preeminent African American gospel singers, who for the past decade have worked with major artists such as TOTO, Bobby McFerrin, George Michael, and most of the first tier American gospel artists. SGC has been given a unique opportunity to recreate this culture in Norway, producing a CD in which this group has been heavily involved.


The CD has been recorded partly in Chicago and partly in Stavanger. During the past year, Light of Love has made four trips to Stavanger to prepare for the recording together with the choir. The CD will contain 9 songs composed by choir members and 3 traditional gospel songs. The meeting of two different cultures – the African American and the Norwegian – will be central both in the record and in the concerts following the release.


{mosimage}The likelihood of a white gospel choir from Stavanger having the opportunity to work with some of the best African American gospel singers and musicians is truly minimal. Regardless; this is what has happened. The CD is now ready for release.


The CD will be promoted around the world. This work is being done by some of the best and most experienced people in the business in the US. They are convinced that this product is viable both in the US and a number of other countries. The plan is to release the CD around the world in January 2009.


As a choir associated with the Salvation Army we want to focus on a message that we feel is important. The CD is meant as a tool in this context


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