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Make a difference for the children of India – Charity 2012

Stavanger Gospel Company invite you all to Charity 2012 in IMI Forum, Thursday May 12th 7 p.m. Together with artists Rune Edvardsen w/band, Kjell Inge Torgersen andHan Innante and YOU we will raise 1 million to Bishop Ernest Komanapallis amazing ministry in India.

For over 40 years they have brought hope and a chance for a bright future to poor and at risk children through their orpanages, child care programs, colleges, trade schools, schools, relief programs and educational institutions. Only 5% of the funds will go to administration, the rest is canalized directly to the children in need. This is an evening for the whole family. Bring your friends, colleagues and nabors- AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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Visit the website and read more about Ernest Komanapallis ministry at


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