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South Africa; We love you

The Stavanger Gospel Company at Cape of Good Hope, during the tour in South Africa this Easter.  

A total of 113 people in the group – including choir, family members, sound engineer and band –  have experienced this colourful country in the most amazing ways. We’ve been singing in a high security prison, had a 3000 audience concert in Soweto, had several church visits and unforgettable concerts in local churches both in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We’ve met people who have made an huge impact on our lives, that we will never forget. We are so humble and grateful for each and everyone who has supported us by either hosting people, coming to the concerts and services or being a part of the planning and logistics.  We want to especially thank our wonderful organizers and hosts Audrey Mbuyazi (Johannesburg) and Marc Roodenburg (Cape Town) for an amazing job planning the tour. We will never forget the fantastic people we’ve met during this tour. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Stavanger gospel company